Do you ever have situations where you need emergency childcare assistance and you seem to have NO OPTION?
Well those days are OVER!

With Icarella EMERGENCY NANNY Service, you no longer have to forfeit a working day or have a disaster hit your schedule, our emergency nannies are trained to engage your kids and maintain the sanity of your home while you are away.

Hire a nanny for a Day (4- 24 Hour nanny) at only N7,500, where N5,000 covers the cost for the service per day and N2,500 serves as the daily commuting cost.

Please Note: This Service cannot exceed 5 consecutive days as we provide option for Temporary Nannies. Nanny will only handle childcare responsibilities and not housekeeping. She will however ensure the tidiness of childcare areas and materials. Invoices are also expected to be honored before service commences.

To request this service please send a direct mail to info@icarella .com