The courses listed for the Childcare providersâ Professional Training are extracted from all five areas of the core knowledge and competencies.


1.     Child growth and development

÷        Introduction to Growth and Development 

÷        Physical Development 

÷        Cognitive Development 

÷        Language Development 

÷        Social and Emotional Development 

2.     Observing, Screening, Assessing and Documenting to Support Young Children and their Families 

3.     Collaboration with Family  

÷        Daily Communication with Parents 

÷        Managing Conflicts 

4.     Health, Wellness, Safety and Nutrition    

÷        Skin care and toilet learning 

÷        Nutrition and Food handling practices 

o   Infant /Toddler

o   Older children

÷        Pediatrics First Aid 

÷        Managing Infectious diseases 

÷        Medication Administration 

÷        Understanding and  managing Sleep 

5.     Environment, Interaction and Curriculum

÷       Responsive Caregiving and Play 

÷         Childcare environments 

÷        Daily childcare routines 

÷        Infant and toddler curriculum 

÷        Supporting Learning for older children

6.     Additional Classes

÷        Mental health and the Childcare provider

÷        Personal Development