10 Advantages to Hiring an Experienced Nanny


Two-income families have become the norm over the last several years, which has led to an increasing need for quality child-care. Parents who have taken on the responsibilities associated with additional employment must also shoulder another burden, and that is to ensure that they make a good choice when hiring a nanny. Since their nanny may be spending more time with their kids than they do themselves, parents need to be reassured that the nanny has the skills for the job. There are a number of reasons to hire a nanny with experience, and some of these appear below.

  1. GoodJudgement A sage once said that goodjudgementcomes from a lot of experience. Of course, the same fellow said that a lot of experience comes from a lot of badjudgement. An experienced nanny may have less badjudgement left in her than a novice.
  2. Been There, Done That Nannies in-the-know have seen all kinds ofbehaviourand been through all kinds of trauma with their charges, from stitches at the clinic to a child wailing for too-easy-to-reach candy at the grocery store. They know how to handle these scenes becausethey'vedone it before.
  3. References A newbie nanny may have sterling personal references, but she wont be able to compete with the combination of personal and professional references that an experienced nanny can supply.
  4. Sense of Responsibility A sense of responsibility is a cumulative product, and one that may be more fully developed in a nanny who has been around the block a few times.
  5. Even Keel Calm, cool and collected is what parents expect of their care-giver, and a first-time nanny is more likely to be excitable and flighty than a veteran in the field.
  6. Cumulative Knowledge Nannies who have been on the job awhile know how to do things. They know the best time to take kids on an outing. They know schedules, prices, amenities and bargains that an inexperienced person cant possibly know.
  7. Multiple Children Sometimes it takes experience for a nanny to deal with more than one child at-a-time. They know how to lasso the wild ones, while keeping the introverts engaged as well.
  8. Social Consciousness Social consciousness, like a sense of responsibility, is a learned capacity, and experienced nannies are more likely to have accumulated beneficial world-views than their less experienced associates.
  9. Less Distracted The more experience a nanny has, the less likely she is to be distracted from her work by cute lifeguards, store sales or Facebook, things that can grab the attention of someone whoisn'tas focused.
  10. Worth Extra Pay Higher salaries are commanded by nannies with greater experience, but along with that comes the added assurances that parents desire, when they make the difficult decision to have a stranger care for their children.

The adage experience is the best teacherdidn'tget to be an adage without having some merit, and this is something for parents to keep in mind when they consider hiring a nanny.