All over the world, families are facing the unique challenge of having to work remotely part-time or full time, whilst simultaneously managing the new forms of childcare demands in the home, doing it all on an even leaner budget as a result of our current realities.  Unfortunately, stress from running your home could affect your delivery at work and vice versa. Why not leave the stress of running your home operations to a home manager and devote your time to your work and enjoying your loving family.

Icarella's home manager takes out of your way the worry of ensuring a smooth-running family unit. They are driven by enthusiasm and passion of organizing and running the day to day home operations  

Icarella's home managers are responsible for overseeing the general operations of the home. Their job description and duties will vary depending on the size of the family, as well as the other staff the family retains. However, expectations may include:

  • Managing the households schedules and calendars
  • Tutoring and/or providing support with virtual learning
  • Event planning, organizing, and coordination for children and others
  • Arranging appointments for personal and professional needs
  • Scheduling home maintenance and repair work, and supervising the project
  • Handling household bills and administrative duties
  • Running errands and performing necessary tasks
  • Supervision of (or stepping into roles of) other household staff, such as housekeepers, private chefs, nannies or governesses
  • Shopping for food, supplies, and other requested items

Depending on the size of a family and their requirements, Icarella home manager positions may be called upon to fulfill other needs, such as:

  • Home cleaning duties
  • Cooking meals for the family
  • Laundering and putting away clothing, or changing linens

 Using Icarella Childcare Services Ltd to find a candidate for your home management position, saves you time, results in a high-quality placement and verified checks, giving you peace of mind.

We understand that excellence and development can be best delivered by mentally and emotionally sound individuals. We guarantee that we employ individuals who pass through our rigorous training and test. And we make sure they have the required skills and perseverance for the task of a home manager.

Icarella Childcare Services Ltd, provides two categories of Home Management staff

  • Basic Home Manager
  • PRO Home Manager