Providing quality child care makes good business sense! In-office provision for childcare has lots of benefits, however, what does matter to employees is an organization’s quality of childcare and a family-supportive climate. Thus it is important to note that in-office childcare users actually become disengaged with their work and dissatisfied if they are not happy with the quality of the childcare provided and if they perceive their employer to be unsupportive of their family life. 

The best way to ensure the in-office childcare benefits you provide translate to happy appreciative employees, is to provide verified and professionally trained child care providers. 

There’s comfort in knowing a child is cared for by someone who is associated with the company a parent works at. Even more so, there is comfort in knowing that someones' background is verified and the individual is specifically trained to care for children in groups. 

Therefore, if your company hires staff who are parents and wishes to offer them such benefits, or  you manage centres such as health or recreational clubs, gyms etc; Then you will benefit greatly from Icarella's CHILDCARE STAFFING SERVICE!  

Through our CHILDCARE STAFFING SERVICE, you not only hire a childcare giver who enjoys the company of children, but one who is also trained to bring out the best in them. When you post a vacancy with us for FREE, this is what you receive:

1.    Profiles of as many candidates who indicate interest in your offer at NO cost to you

2.    Once you have selected candidates you are interested in making a selection from, an Interview is scheduled. Interview rate is at N7,500 for a maximum of 4 nannies

3.    Once you have made a selection, your new employee will undergo series of mandatory PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS

•    Basic Verifications verifications (Click here for more information)

•    Training in Basics of Professional Childcare 2 (Click here for more information)

Fee for Placement Requirements is N25,000 per candidate. 

Please contact us at OR CALL 07044453605-7 for more information.