Early years in life are the most important to the formation of intelligence, personality and social behavior of a child. The years before a child begins primary education are among the most critical in his or her life to influence learning. That is why modern societies show serious concern for the education of their young ones by providing needed support to prepare them to succeed later in school.

If you manage a daycare centre/crèche(0-2years), pre-nursery/playgroup(3-4years), Kindergarten/nursery(3-5years) school, your foremost desire is to satisfy your clients by giving their beloved children quality care when under your supervision and this can only be achieved with a team of well trained and/or experienced professional childcare providers.

Let Icarella's CHILDCARE STAFFING SERVICE help you achieve this! 

Through our CHILDCARE STAFFING SERVICE, you not only hire a childcare giver who enjoys the company of children, but one who is also trained to give premium care. When you post a vacancy with us for FREE, this is what happens next:

1.       You receive profiles of as many candidates who suit your requirement  at NO cost to you

2.       Once you have selected candidates you are interested in making an employee selection from, an Interview is scheduled. Interview Mobilization flat rate is at N5,250 for a minimum of TWO candidates. Additional candidates will be interviewed at an additional fee of N2000 per candidate. If number of candidates available for interview fall below the number of candidates demanded, you are instantly refunded the cost of absentees per candidate.

3.       Once you have made a selection, your new employee will undergo series of mandatory placement requirements for a fee.

·         Basic Verifications (Click here for more information)

·         Training in Professional Childcare (Click here for more information)

Salaries due to childcare giving staff shall be made through Icarella Childcare Services for a Qualifying period of a month, based on contractual agreement, after which caregiver is handed over fully to your employ.Click hereto view full contract.

Post your vacancy for FREE Now!!! We will contact you as soon as your Vacancy is viewed for follow up.

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