FIM: Who We Are
Until recently, little interest has been paid to mental health issues associated with motherhood.  Most often, mentally unstable conditions are linked with spiritual ties, and depression is downsized to merely a weak personality. As a reslt of this ignorance, affected mothers often fear stigmatization or even fail to connect symptoms with a health related condition. Today in our society, perinatal mood disorders have silently diminished the esteem of many mothers, broken peaceful homes and affected the mental and emotinal progress of many children.

Although there are limited records on perinatal mood disorders in Nigeria, statistics has shown that the prevalence of postnatal depression in the primary care populations is18.6%. All over the world, about 10-15% of women experience depression in the perinatal period. Up to 28% of women living in poverty suffer and approximately 50% of women with postpartum depression remain untreated.

FLORA INITIATIVE FOR MOTHERS (FIM) envisions a society where the reproductive woman is mentally and physically healthy, fully aware and capable of portraying her divine role as a pillar and molder of society


    * Our dedication to total reproductive health in women
    * Our commitment to the success of the family unit
    * The welfare of the underage mother  
    * Increased knowledge in healthcare providers   


FIM anticipates that in the next ten years, at least 1 in 4 Nigerian women alongside their family and healthcare providers will experience a significant increase in the knowledge and value for mental health in the perinatal period of a woman’s life. Our Goals include:

    * introduction of routine screening for perinatal depression;  
    * provision of information to women and their families;  
    * promotion of maternal healthy practices (nutrition and exercise)  
    * education of, and support for, primary healthcare professionals;  
    * specific focus on detection/intervention in each hospital.  
    * Positioning of organization as an effective national group advocating for the need of health services to        focus on perinatal emotional health;  

The population we primarily focus on includes
    * Pregnant women  
    * Postpartum mothers  
    * Families of New Mothers  
    * Heath care providers