FIM: What We Do


Our organization seeks to gain a deeper understanding on issues surrounding postnatal depression amongst the Nigerian population. Currently, we have cunducted reseach on issues such as the Assessment and management of depression among women in late pregnancy and early postnatal period in selected areas of Lagos State.

 Support Group

FIM hosts a support group for women who are suffering or who have suffered from postpartum depression and their families.Support groups can decrease the isolation and stigma that depressed mothers often feel and can provide an important outlet for self-expression and unconditional support.Also, support groups provide you the information and resources the mother needs.

If you or someone you know is suffering from postpartum depression, if you are looking for a supportive network of women who have experienced PPD, or if you need a friend, support, or prayer, please don't hesitate to contact us or send a mail to You don’t need to suffer in silence. Support, treatment and healing are available.

Awareness Outreach

As part of our commitment to be the voice that represents safe motherhood, we conduct health visits to hospitals and maternity homes in order to give the following FREE services:
  • Psycho-education at antenatal classes and Seminars
  • Training for health care providers 


Psycho-educations are awareness forums designed to enlighten women about Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMDs). The women are shown:
  • The different levels/types of PMDs
  • Various ways it can Occur in an expectant or new mom
  • How PMDs can be prevented
  • How to reach out for help and recover if suffering

At each hospital, Flora Initiative for Mothers conducts  a minimum of three free health visits in a year.
  • Lectures are held during antenatal class sessions and lectures last for a maximum of one hour
  • At each class women are provided with questioners, and educative materials
  • An evaluation form is circulated to asses our performance


We also lecture the hospital staff on topics such as:
  • Methods to identify women suffering from PMDs without using a questioner,
  • Screening for PMDs using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, and 
  • Etiquettes in relating with an expectant/new mom 
 At each hospital, Flora Initiative for Mothers conducts a single health training on management’s request.   
  • The classes last for an hour minimum
  • At the class, nurses are provided with sample questioners, and other educative materials
  • An evaluation form is circulated to asses our performance

If you would like us to speak at your hospital, please send your invite to or call 07044453607


Research on adolescent mothers shows increasing rates of depressive symptoms in the postnatal period, particularly for young women with more family conflict, fewer social supports, and low self-esteem.We organize support group structures that focuses on the physical and psychological needs for struggling and depressed mothers in this category.  


We hope to position ourselves as an effective national group advocating for the need of federal health services in Nigeria to focus on perinatal emotional health.