It was the weekend again, and even though I knew it was a full day of #CHILDCARE, I decided to go to bed at around 2 am. Sleep lasted 5 minutes, and before I could curse the sun for cheating me again,  I heard it- "dwink wata". The toddler was up! End of sleep. I had a lot to do anyway, so I dragged myself out of bed.


After giving him a full cup of water, we had potty time after which I let him roam butt naked, as we are still in that phase of perfecting the "wee-wee" skill!

I got to work.

Beans were on the menu for lunch, so I decided to separate dirt from among the beans while I wake myself up some more. My toddler joined me. Now I have learned that peace of mind is letting your child do whatever you are doing if he wants to. As long as whatever you are doing won't hurt him and he's withing sight, all is safe with the world. Of course, you are bound to clean up the mess he makes but its better than a disappearing act. Like they say...


While his little hands played with the bean seeds in a bowl, many escaped the bowl and rolled into every corner where his butt naked self sat. Trying to pick up the escaping seeds that had gotten into hard to reach places, he called for my help. "Mummy! Beans. Ma wee-wee". And in my sleepy state, I decided to educate him about his body parts. I'm not sure how I said it, but I'm pretty sure I told him the beans had fallen under his penis and not his 'wee-wee'.

Now let me defend myself here. This young man knows his hands, legs, neck, teeth, tongue, eyebrows and fingers, why shouldn't he know his penis?  Is it not a body part?  It is not a 'pii-pii' or a 'wee-wee thing', its a penis and there ain't anything wrong in knowing the real name early. Its also beginners class for sex education. So back off!!

Back to my story.

I told him the name of the body part as I helped fetch out the bean seeds and he affirmed the knowledge had been passed by naming and identifying the body part. Mission Accomplished!

Time passed and I  was able to clear up my "to-do" list before lunchtime while eagerly waiting for nap time so I avenge my lost sleep.

I served the family lunch and as I dished my own food in the kitchen, I heard it...

The toddler lifted up his plate of beans porridge to his father and said "Daddy see, MY PENIS!"

oh no


Lesson: Teach a toddler only when you are sure you are awake.