So I'm still smiling even as I type... something unusually inspiring happened to me!
I was already scheduled for a rusty day this morning. Woke up a little too early and got engrossed reading articles online about inclusive care, but by the time I decided to stop myself and snooze a little more before morning, it was already morning! But I stubbornly slept and woke up late. What that meant was a morning of rushing and still being late!!
My tank was on empty and my son was already two hours late to school, I had no cash in hand and the ATM machines were down. I was getting really worked up trying to make a bank transfer via my already faulty phone when I noticed eyes staring at me and my energetic toddler. The eyes were driven by a young man, and the eyes wouldn't stop staring even after they parked next to mine.
The eyes belong to an Elderly Woman of grandma age!!!
Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!! My pulse went up!
Strangers at this age have become my worst nightmare since I became a Mom!! The unsolicited advice, criticism or just the stare, instantly makes a mother feel like a complete failure. And your child who was perfectly normal would suddenly have the urge to shame you the minute they show up.
I quickly shut my car and dragged my son to the ATM machine while I still struggled with my phone. The network kept fluctuating so I couldn't make the transfer. I dragged my wailing toddler back to the car in frustration. To my relief, the staring eyes and her young man driver were pulling away and she was STILL STARING!!!!
I flopped my son at the driver's seat, leaving him preoccupied with the steering wheel while I held onto the keys and struggled with my phone.
Suddenly I heard the loudest knock at my car window, where my son sat.
THOSE EYES!!! My heart stopped. The car was gone but there she was, saying lots of stuff I couldn't make out from the wound-up window. She came round to meet me where I sat and I knew I wasn't ready to hear whatever she planned to lecture me on
Then she said "He wants to drive you" while gesturing I hand my son the keys
"Huh???" was my confused response (Was this a setup?!?!) I started to prepare an explanation for my shameful state of my mind.
Then the stern stare became a soft pleasant smile.
" You see the young man that dropped me? That's my son. He was this age and acted the saaaame way!" she pointed at my son playing with the steering wheel. "Now he is the driver!" she burst into laughter like she was making fun of her son.
"Don't worry Eh! This one will soon start to drive you. You are doing a good job! Keep it up, you hear?" Then she shared a few church bulletins and flyers with me and walked away still smiling!
I closed my dropped jaw...then smiled. No long lecture. No criticism. No negative comment. I was doing a fine job! And the simple advice was to keep it up!
I suddenly felt a red cape flutter behind me and saw myself in blue spandex, a tutu and hawt red heels. And YES there was an 'S' on my chest!
I strapped my son in and drove him to school, kissed him goodbye and drove to work on an empty tank and a BIG SMILE!!!!
My worst nightmare became the source of a beautiful Daydream...
Sometimes simple compliments or words of encouragement can TOTALLY change the course of a Mother's Day!!!!
So, to my fellow Mums, Teachers, Nannies and all other caregivers out there- "YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB! KEEP IT UP!"sm1