Do you ever have situations where you need SHORT TERM childcare assistance and you seem to have NO OPTION?

Well those days are OVER!

With Icarella ON-CALL NANNY Service, you no longer have to forfeit a working day or have a disaster hit your schedule, our nannies are trained to engage your kids and maintain the sanity of your home while you are away on emergency, date night, travel etc

Hire a nanny at the following rates below:

  • 1-2 Days: N8,500 Daily
  • 3-5 Days: N5,500 Per day(Live In Nanny)  N6,500 Per day (Live Out Nanny)
  • 6-14 Days: N4,500(Live In Nanny)  N5,500 (Live Out Nanny)
  • 15-29 Days: N3,000(Live In Nanny)  N4,500 (Live Out Nanny)
  • 30-90 days: N2,200 daily(Live In Nanny), N3,500 daily(Live Out Nanny)

Nanny will only handle childcare responsibilities and not housekeeping. She will, however, ensure the tidiness of childcare areas and materials. Invoices are also expected to be honored before service commences.

Client will be required to make full payment for service before the nanny's resumption date. For any reason whatsoever, if the nanny does not complete the agreed time frame for her temporal services, she will only be paid for the number of days she worked and the balance will be sent back to the employer.

For instance, if the agreed temporal service is 30-90 days and nanny only worked for 15days, we will calculate her salary based on the 15days and send the remaining money back to you.

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