In this category, Icarella functions as a referral agency and assists your family in recruiting and qualifying a candidate to serve as a caregiver for your children at the comfort of your home.  

Currently, Icarella has a wide range of women enlisted in this category as qualified and available for work. 

When you choose to hire through US...

  1. Our Agency submits all candidates portfolios to you to review and select suitable candidates
  2. All negotiations and hiring decisions are solely between you and your prospective nanny.  
  3. We also provide information and practical paperwork to assist you in making the right decision and entering an agreement. 
  4. You and your nanny receive support to get you started right; and 
  5. We s will follow up on your relationship with your nanny beyond 90 days probation period.  
  6. Termination within three months guarantees you a replacement or percentage refunds

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Payment Details

We simply charge a total of N32,250 only. Icarella will receive a non-refundable 20% of the charges before screening commences called the Mobilization fee. 80% is the Placement fee required after successful pairing. This fee covers:

  1. Health status verification checks,
  2. Thorough background documentation,
  3. Percentage refunds during the probation period if necessary                              

On submission of a completed request form, a mail will be sent to you containing further details.

We put in our best efforts to recruit and qualify candidates in a timely manner on your behalf. Once a placement has been made we will still be here to offer ongoing advice and assistance for you and your nanny.


Children thrive when they are well cared for by a nurturing and attentive child care provider in the comfort of their own home. Here are a list of benefits for hiring an in-home childcare provider:

  1. ·         The one on one care and interaction that a nanny provides gives children a deep sense of self-worth and security.
  2. ·         Since nannies typically stay with a family for a minimum of one year, the consistent relationship that children have with their caregiver allows them to develop a meaningful bond with a caring adult that has the children's best interests at heart.
  3. ·         With a nanny, child to adult caregiver ratio is low. The ratio, the number of children per adult, is important because it has a direct impact on how much individual attention your child receives and how well their needs are met.
  4. ·         For parents who wish to direct their children's daily activities and care structure, in-home care can be the perfect solution. With the services of a nanny, parents have the ability to control activities, education, environment, and overall quality of children's experience.
  5. ·         Nanny care can be flexible and convenient, and accommodate parents' atypical work schedules, transportation needs, and emergencies.
  6. ·         And because the children are cared for in their own home, parents don't have to rush to get everyone out of the house in the morning and off to daycare (which often leads to a chaotic and stressful start to the day for everyone), providing the ultimate in child care convenience.
  7. ·         Children cared for by nannies are also less likely to become sick because they aren't exposed to the many germs that large groups of children bring into a traditional daycare environment. And unlike child care centers, nannies are able to provide child care for mildly ill children, therefore parents don't have to rearrange their work schedules or find last-minute backup care should their child become sick.
  8. ·         For parents with more than one child, nanny care can be cost-effective. Unlike traditional daycare, parents don't have to make separate payments for each child. Nannies are paid one rate to care for all the children in their employer's family.