So we are finally doing it! We started this business with a vision to improve and support childcare systems in this great nation. One sure way to achieve this vision is to study what currently obtains in the field. So we've launched a CHILDCARE RESEARCH UNIT!

We may be able to boast of some knowledge in the business of how to provide professional service, but what we know cannot compare to what better service we can provide if we only knew more. For example: What is 'quality of care' to parents?, Why do they make the childcare decisions they do? What are their preferences?, How much value do childcare providers have for training? Does extended family support with childcare still exist?

We can't keep assuming for clients. Our best way to find out is to ask. And in structured asking, we will find and build concrete solutions.

We are very optimistic about our research projects and we hope to find ready and willing childcare providers like you to share the journey. If you have issues you would like us to dig into, please share it with us in the comment box below. Watch THIS SPACE for questions, reports, and reflections on our findings

Wish us luck!