Icarella Childcare Services Ltd presents to you her Childcare Spaces Consultation Service, which is solely designed to support organizations that understand the value a quality onsite childcare facility provision makes for business growth. Whether it is to promote staff productivity, reduce absenteeism, encourage customer comfort, and a boost in public image and positive public relations, Icarella ensure that your organization is represented as a family-supportive climate its staff and/or customers desire.
This service has the following objectives:
•To create flexible room layouts that support children’s optimal development and learning
•To ensure standard practices for Safety, health, hygiene and nutrition
•To ensure child minder competence 
•To ensure the facility runs an effective childcare program
•To provide resources, promote proper administration and record documentation
•To provide continued support

A well-planned and stimulating onsite childcare environment becomes the venue for learning and developmental opportunities. Such pleasant environment creates a sense of well-being, security and purpose for the working parent, young children and the care-givers. Icarella CS Ltd is able to design and set up a new onsite childcare facility or remodel an existing one. We optimize the function of the environment by providing detailed layouts and furnishing plan, supporting you with procuring the resources and setting up the new environment. Previous16237544278046.jpeg clients include16237544275217.png  

From minders who care for the children to supervisors, Icarella is able to staff childcare spaces with competent employees. Health status and background status of the workforce for the onsite childcare facility are also provided.
Our childcare training is intended to inform, refresh and update child minders’ knowledge and understanding of child development and care practices. Periodic training is best recommended when staffing and training package is selected alone. Thus, organizations may choose to hire through our service each time the need arises, as well as request for one-off/periodic training for the childcare personnel. 

Icarella greatly leverages on technology to optimize services and enhance client security and satisfactory levels. Our software solution is built to modernize the onsite childcare experience by ensuring it operates more smoothly bringing transparency and order to business routines such as administrative reporting, program planning, interactions with parents and more. Features include child/ minder’s seamless check-in/out feature (QR code or biometrics capture as an optional feature), intuitive parent communications, and simple activity logging for digital daily experience sheets as well as back-end business tools related to billing, reporting, and data management.

Icarella Childcare Services is the ideal partner to run your onsite nursery setting. By taking on your nursery management, we ensure managers and staff can focus on their jobs, while the nursery is getting all the support it needs. Our management service includes staffing, supervising, periodic training, and facility maintenance. We are able to manage childcare spaces with children of single or mixed age groups providing them with age appropriate resources and activities to keep them constructively engaged.