A nurturing environment is a critical factor for optimal development. All children are entitled to learn and to be cared for in an environment that is underpinned by the highest regard for their safety and welfare, which allows parents to be confident that their child is well cared for. With this in mind, Icarella Childcare Services would like to propose her CHILDCARE SPACES CONSULTATION SERVICE.

Icarella’s CHILDCARE SPACES Consultation Service, is solely designed to support organizations that understand the value a quality onsite childcare facility provision makes for business growth. Whether it is to promote staff productivity, reduce absenteeism, encourage customer comfort etc, we will ensure that your organization gives the family-supportive climate its staff and/or customers desire.

This service has the following objectives:

  •        To create a flexible room layout to support children’s optimal development and learning
  •        To ensure standard practices for Safety, health, hygiene and nutrition
  •        To ensure caregiver competence
  •        To ensure the facility runs an effective childcare program
  •        To provide resources, promote proper administration and record documentation
  •        To provide continued support




A well-planned and stimulating environment becomes the venue for learning and developmental opportunities. A pleasant environment creates a sense of well-being and purpose for the care-givers, young children and their families. Young children are also affected by the structural elements such as walls, ceilings and lighting. If you are setting up a new onsite childcare facility or remodeling an existing one, we will optimize the function of the environment by providing detailed layouts and furnishing plan. Support you with procuring the resources and setting up the new environment.


  1. 2.      RECRUITMENT

From minders who care for the children to care nurses to supervisors, we are able to staff your childcare spaces with competent employees. Health status and background status of workforce of the onsite childcare facility are also verified This service when selected alone comes with a free orientation for all staff hired for the childcare space.


  1. 3.      TRAINING

Childcare training is intended to inform, refresh and update caregivers knowledge and understanding of child development and care practices and to plan improvements and developments needed to raise standards at the child care and education program. Our training programs are highly comprehensive with the main aim of ensuring child caregivers are well rooted in core knowledge and competencies for early childhood care. Periodic training is best recommended when package is selected alone.



Childcare program primarily focuses on the unique care plan developed for every child within the onsite childcare facility. The interaction and relationships between the child and the care-giver guided by a care plan fosters learning and development. Program planning entails the development of standards of operation and the development of material resources for schedules, care-giving, routines and rituals, play, discipline and centre-parent partnership.



Childcare space setup or training without continuous on-site management support oftentimes results in diminishing quality of the care practices. Caregivers must be constantly supported so that they understand how best to utilize the knowledge received when faced with unique challenges. Icarella CS Ltd is not only able to establish onsite daycares for organizations, we are also able to manage the sites partly or fully as well as for a short or continuous period