Early years in life are the most important to the formation of intelligence, personality and social behavior of a child. The years before a child begins primary education are among the most critical in his or her life to influence learning. That is why modern societies show serious concern for the education of their young ones by providing needed support to prepare them to succeed later in school.

If you manage a daycare center/creche(0-2years), pre-nursery/playgroup(3-4years), Kindergarten/nursery(3-5years) school, your foremost desire is to satisfy your clients by giving their beloved children quality care when under your supervision.

Here are ways we can help you achieve this! 

Through our CHILDCARE STAFFING SERVICE, you not only hire a childcare giver who enjoys the company of children but one who is also trained to give premium care. 

Our TRAINING PACKAGES are of international standard and are guaranteed to set your caregivers' delivery service apart increasing your center visibility and growth. We also provide tailored training workshops to meet your centers unique needs. What's more, training can be held at your site!

Have you ever heard of CHILD SPACE ARCHITECTURE? If no, then your preschool setup is in desperate need of an evaluation and a remodeling. Talk to us now!